How can I have WebOasis launch on every new tab I open?

  • Chrome and Firefox cannot do this by default, however addons are available to accomplish this: Firefox | Chrome

What features, updates, and ideas do you have planned for

  • Create Our Own Search Engine Using SearX or se-scraper
  • Create Our Own Torrent Search Engine Using Rats (Possible Future)
  • Create Our Own Torrent Search Engine Using AlphaReign's Old Code (Possible Future)
  • Search Auto Complete Integration (Future)
  • Add A PasteBin Like Service (Future)
  • Add A Forum With Our Own In-House File Host (Future)
  • Optimize Site For 4k (Future)

What is your privacy policy? Do you keep logs? What data do you store?

  • The ONLY part of the site that keeps any sort of records or logs is our Chat Room. This was done to prevent spam. Currently logs are deleted every 24 hours.
  • We do NOT record or keep track of any of your searches. We serve no ads, we have no tracking scripts, we have no analytics software.
  • Any cookies we store in your browser is for your benefit of remembering your custom settings. It has nothing to do with tracking.
  • The site is primarily made from just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We also use a little PHP. We use no database other than the one for our Chat Room.

What should I do if the page doesn't load correctly or I am experiencing errors?

  • If it is an issue affecting numerous people, we most likely already know about it and are working on a fix. Please report all issues in chat for now.
  • Most of the time, it's a caching issue. To fix most issues with WebOasis, Please clear all cookies and cache from your web browser then restart your browser.
  • You may also want to click the "Reset All To Default" button located in the upper left popout menu on the homepage of WebOasis.

How often do you add new links or remove broken links?

  • We try to do this at least once per week.
  • If you are not seeing any changes to the links, clear your browser's cache and click the "Reset All To Default" button in the left popout menu on WebOasis.

What is this site based on?

  • The site is originally based on a start page made by TacoAnon