How can I have WebOasis launch on every new tab I open?

  • Chrome and Firefox cannot do this by default, however addons are available to accomplish this: Firefox | Chrome

What features, updates, and ideas do you have planned for

  • Option To Focus Typing On Browser's Address Bar Instead Of WebOasis Search Bar (Future)
  • Option To Change All Links To (Future)
  • Make Search Engines Switchable By Clicking On Them (Future)
  • Add Search To FAQ Page (Future)
  • Add Calculator/Conversion Page (Future)
  • Get Better Web Based Chat Client (Future)
  • Possibly Add Other Background Animations (Future)
  • Create Our Own Search Engine Using SearX (Future)
  • Create Our Own Torrent Search Engine Using Rats (Future)
  • Stylize Left Side Menu Scrollbar On Firefox Using NiceScroll or Perfect-Scrollbar (Future)
  • Search Auto Complete Integration (Future)
  • Integrate & Search API Into WebOasis Search (Future)

What is your privacy policy? Do you keep logs? What data do you store?

  • The ONLY part of the site that keeps any sort of records or logs is our Chat Room. This is only done to prevent spam and abuse.
  • We do NOT record or keep track of any of your searches. We serve no ads, we have no tracking scripts, we have no analytics software.
  • Any cookies we store in your browser is for your benefit of remembering your custom settings. It has nothing to do with tracking.
  • The site is primarily made from just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We also use a little PHP. We use no database other than the one for our Chat Room.

What should I do if the page doesn't load correctly or I am experiencing errors?

  • If it is an issue affecting numerous people, we most likely already know about it and are working on a fix. Please report all issues in chat for now.
  • Most of the time, it's a caching issue. To fix most issues with WebOasis, Please clear all cookies and cache from your web browser then restart your browser.
  • You may also want to click the "Reset All To Default" button in the left menu and try refreshing the page.

What is this site based on?

  • The site is originally based on a start page made by TacoAnon