Why am I not any noticing changes to WebOas.is even though the version number in the title has changed?

  • It may have been just a slight performance tweak with no visual difference.
  • We use very aggressive caching methods to serve these pages as fast as possible. Our most aggressive caching is with JavaScript(.js) and StyleSheet(.css) files. You may occasionally have to clear your browser's cookies and cache to make sure all the files are the latest version available.

What features and updates do you have planned for WebOas.is?

  • Better way to display and organize the links. Right now we can't add anymore (only replace) due to lack of space left on low resolution screens.
  • A community forum that is light weight, fast, secure. We are reviewing our options and running tests on what software we like best.

What is this site based on?

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP
  • The site is originally based on a start page made by TacoAnon