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Suggestions / Re: WebOasis Minecraft Server
Last post by Anon -
hahaha yes that's me Paradise_Boy for years on Minecraft on the chaos server I ran from home on Linux lol
We had some of the best hackers on there making mods for the game and all sorts lol
To the Good old days ;) 7 years of fun lol
Computer & Network Security / A guide to non-conventional WAF/IDS evasion techniques
Last post by Anon -
Initiating connection via direct IP access
Switching up protocols
Manipulation of HTTP headers
Manipulation of parameter names
CR/LF, Null terminators, and other control chars
HTTP Parameter Pollution
HTTP Verb Tampering
HTTP Request Smuggling
Defeating Virtual Patching
Session Splicing
Denial-of-Service and Resource Exhaustion

Explanation in the article:
Cryptocurrency / Re: Binance Volitility Trading Bot
Last post by Anon -
Have looked into it a bit more. It looks legit, though not a set and forget sorta setup, which was what I was hoping for. Relies on you modifying your strategies in response to the market. The discord is quite informative!