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News / Re: September 27th 2020 - Master Link Spreadsheet Idea
Last post by nd684d -
Another 100+ links categorized. @Hiraeth_Wheel is currently working on lines 1700-2000.  I'm working now between 2500 - 3000.  All of the Admin's Finds are up to date and added onto the sheet for a total link count of 4116.  @Admin I started liking your posts on the "Admin's Finds," thread as a way of letting you know that those links have been added to my Master sheet.  Cheers!
Cryptocurrency / KYC-free exchanges supporting Monero (XMR)
Last post by zurigora -
Centralized (JavaScript required) (JavaScript required) (JavaScript required) / xchangen24yn24b6.onion

Decentralized / / localmonerogt7be.onion/nojs / / agoradeska6jfxpf.onion/nojs