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Suggestions / Change the domain
Last post by Anon -
While the normal Snahp site is shut down, the forum is still active and usable if you have an account. However they just changed domains and I can't find the new one anywhere. The old one was so if anybody can find the new domain then it would be great to replace the current broken link that Weboasis has.
Computer Hardware / 165Hz monitor
Last post by Anon -
Still not back but look at this sick monitor I got Gigabyte G24F early christmas present still a virgin

WebDev Discussion & Help / Re: - An image cache & resize service
Last post by Anon -
Can I clarify, is this service engaged in reducing the size and resolution of the image? How much do these changes affect the quality of the image itself? I understand that when the image is enlarged, the quality will deteriorate in any case, but what will happen when the size of the image cache is reduced? Sorry, it's just the first time I've come across a service that allows you to reduce the size of something. Usually, to reduce the size of images or files, I used archives and pdf documents, but apparently this is in the past since there are such services. By the way, have you ever encountered chromatic aberration effect? I recently found out that half of my photos have a similar effect, but I don't know how to remove it.
Off Topic / I don't get it?
Last post by Anon -
Admin I have watched you over the years create forums and chat systems but this one is the best out there so why is it so quiet now?
I know I'm in the UK but still, my questions don't get looked at for weeks, it's like there are only 4 people using this excellent forum.

If you need any help getting a few more people on here I can advertise you no probs at all ;)

Is rocket chat really the client to go for these days?
I'm in the middle of my next mission to build a chat client out of and I hope I can make it look great so my friends in the UK go on to it and get off facebook
I tried it for 2 years with Jitsi and I hated it and the 8x8 devs are idiots.
I'm thinking of just integrating google meet into or something.

I have always been a freedom of speech guy and I got the VPS ready but I am just at the stage now where I am choosing what client to use.
I'd like to imitate facebook so people will be ok to use it but it's not the same for profiles and info about yourself or can that be done?
Is the best to use?
I know it's a live project so that's a start but I want to know what it can do like make it so people can put loads of info on their profiles and hand have an easy system to what they are used to on facebook.

On the admin side can you create such a thing?
That's why I have been asking about clones but it's not cheap