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Suggestions / Re: WebOasis Minecraft Server
Last post by MrParadise -
I ran my own Minecraft server from home for 7 years with a chat client me and my brother made called VoiceChatAlpha it was so much fun back when Minecraft first came out.
If you google VoiceChatAlpha and Chaos server you will see us all on youtube lol
News / Re: September 27th 2020 - Master Link Spreadsheet Idea
Last post by Admin -
As requested by @Admin Here is the latest spreadsheet with all links from Admin's Finds added.  I am definitely not going to be done sorting this by the end of April.  But I will keep plugging away at it!

Thanks sir!
WebDev Discussion & Help / Re: Any Jitsi experts out there for Hire?
Last post by MrParadise -
Many thanks for your reply and info ;)
Long time no chat ;)

I think Jitsi does not show IP's to other users but saying that I have not pen tested it to find that out, may be a good idea ;)
As a self-hosting project, I am the only one who is trying to get there Ip's so I can make a kick method but Jitsi is a bit of a mess and its devs have no interest in helping or adding more security features so I shall have to try and fork it somehow.

I will deffo look into the other options you have posted just now because if there is a better option I'll go for that ;)
I always thought that WebRTC is the future of chat and the best as your face to face, I guess that's why I'm chasing WebRTC clients.
But trying to fork Jitsi is a nightmare I found and I am a bit suspicious of 8x8 the owners of Jitsi as I have been studying them for the last year.

Did you have a look at my site LucidChat to see my intentions on helping people online? If I could get a great client for this, I'd be so happy but so far Jitsi seems to be at the top but I will go have a look at your link you posted now.

I even liked the Zoomiee clone and tried to get in touch with him but no reply so far ;)

BTW if your the owner I can never remember names but we use to chat back in the days of Blab ;) I have learnt so much from you I will always be grateful, just never had the chance to tell you that so many thanks, knowledge is priceless ;)

WebDev Discussion & Help / Re: Any Jitsi experts out there for Hire?
Last post by Admin -
You know chat platforms like & have Jitsi built into it? Maybe you could setup something like that.

There's other alternatives too... | |

Are your users not concerned about using WebRTC? I know it makes things easy and convenient but it also exposes their IP to the other users.