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This guy comes very close to explaining the U.S/China Trade Issues and why it's so important.

Judge for yourselves.


I dunno if I want to spend 38 minutes on this

"I'm like the big China guy"

how modest.

America First Policies is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, incorporated on January 27, 2017,[1] to promote the America First policy agenda of the Donald Trump presidential campaign.[2][3] On March 30, 2017, Katie Walsh, formerly White House Deputy Chief of Staff, left that position to join America First Policies.[4] The organization has courted controversy, as one of its directors was forced to resign due to racist and inflammatory comments and another adviser was caught on video proclaiming support for the Nazis.

The Breitbart wing

Curtis Ellis was a columnist for WorldNetDaily, a website best known for its enthusiastic embrace of the false notion that President Obama was born outside the United States. A column headlined the “The Radical Left’s Ethnic Cleansing of America” won Ellis an admiring interview with Steve Bannon, now Trump’s top aide. He is a longtime critic of trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Ellis was hired Jan. 20 as a special assistant to the secretary at the Labor Department. Asked about his role in a brief phone interview Tuesday, he said: “Nothing I can tell you.”


Re: US and CHINA

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I'll try to watch this...but Ann Coulter makes me want to throw up. 

Personally, I don't know this guy...I listened to what he had to say; but I do know at one point China owned more US debt securities than any other country and probably still do.  They tried to turn the Yuan into the petrodollar and almost crashed ours (there's a printing press for American currency in the Middle East.  I wonder who's idea was that?)  IMHO...that's a big reason...among others....why we suddenly became the largest producer of oil.  China also bought up many movie studios and started to influence production. 

About thirty years ago Japan made the same play only with real estate, it didn't work.

Personally, I have nothing against China...but all of that is a little too close for comfort.  I have no idea regarding their customs and I wouldn't use the same tone as this guy, but I blame prior regimes for not taking a harder line in the sand.   Now things are getting intense all over the world.