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Tech News / Njalla Takes ‘Pirate’ Site Domains Offline Following Legal Pressure
Last post by Anon -
Over the past week, TorrentFreak noticed that several domain names registered by Njalla had become unavailable. This includes,,, and The domains were updated to Njalla-owned nameservers and simply stopped resolving.

As it turns out, Njalla took this action in response to legal pressure from Iceland. Local copyright holders went after the .is domain registry (ISNIC), which received several abuse complaints and legal threats over Njalla-registered domains.
Off Topic / Multi-Login Portal?
Last post by Anon -
Is there an application or website where I can login to multiple accounts at once and view them all from the same portal? Similar to Tweet Deck maybe?
Ideally, I would like support for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and maybe Gmail accounts? Something similar to how Ebuddy Messenger used to work. They had support for Facebook, AIM, and Yahoo! Instant Messenger. Does this exist?