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Computer Software / Re: What are some of the best music players?
Last post by nd684d -
I remember when I was about 14 maybe, WinAmp was maybe three years old at that point, so year 2000.  There used to be an option to live stream things, and some of the content at the time was XXX.  Was a dope workaround for not getting caught via history etc. LOL.   I haven't used WinAmp in literally 20 years now probably.  I am really liking Media Monkey as of late.  Give that shot is your using Windows.
Tech News / Re: Many DarkNet Sites Compromised At Once Via Domains/DNS
Last post by zurigora -
Tucows (One of Njalla's partners) said they were served an order by law enforcement but it seems to be fake. They say they have "improved".
Epik quickly returned to the owner after the scammer transferred it there.
Namecheap allowed to stay up for a few days probably costing many users that were not careful, a lot of money.

Njalla did an explanation from their side - / http://njallalafimoej5i4eg7vlnqjvmb6zhdh27qxcatdn647jtwwwui3nad.onion/blog/hijack/

Darknetlive also posted an article mostly commenting on the one from Njalla - / http://darkzzx4avcsuofgfez5zq75cqc4mprjvfqywo45dfcaxrwqg6qrlfid.onion/post/here-is-njallas-take-on-the-domain-hijack/

Tucows was socially engineered and Namecheap is slow.
Political News / USA / MEXICO Border - 6 Part Series
Last post by Admin -
USA / MEXICO Border - 6 Part Series

YouTuber Peter Santenello

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Making Money Online / IPster - Peer-to-peer job notifications
Last post by Admin -

Peer-to-peer job notifications. IPster is a simple job notification system with private and focussed discussions. IPster is used by people who like to help each other find jobs first-hand in a simple and non-intrusive way.

Why you'll love IPster:

- It's peer-to-peer, no marketing, and no pretense

- It's simple, private, and focussed

How it can help you:

- Ask your peers for help when you are looking for a new job

- Help your peers and let them know of an opportunity

- Ask for recommendations

Good opportunities don't last long, let your friends know first-hand.
WebDev Discussion & Help / Hosting SQLite databases on Github Pages
Last post by Admin -
Hosting SQLite databases on Github Pages