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Discussion / Re: Where can I buy access to private forums?
Last post by B00Bmaster -
Thanks, I am already in some entry level private trackers, but I asked because high level trackers are still closed for new registrations and there is a I do not know how long wait time.

As for the SDATA plan for 12 Euros, it's not available atm. Thanks for putting this out, I had totally forgotten about it and was always after the 10Gbps for speed.
Will keep in mind the SDATA one and give it a good try.

Question: What do you think about auto-dl usage with SDATA is it worth it? Or I should do as you said i.e only freeleech? here are some plans don't go on r/seedboxes just no good
Discussion / Re: Where can I buy access to private forums?
Last post by B00Bmaster -
are you in it? gimme invite if you are

no i'm not i don't have seedbox I know people who are in there but not in touch with them rn
but mostly you will need to get in touch with people directly to have any invite
me asking one person and tell him i need invite for another guy out there that will be risky thing
try joining private trackers which have open sign up and put good ratio over there then make friends and try getting invite don't ask for elite trackers directly get in such places step by step start with trackers on r/opensignups build reputation in tracker chat on IRC lil bit
NOTE: please don't buy invites anywhere out there trading is fine
Introductions / Re: Well late intro but happy to be here
Last post by nd684d -

3000 HD Sites....  That's impressive.  Glad to know I'm not the only one saving mass amounts of websites and links.  You definitely got me beat on the porn links though! 


Introductions / Well late intro but happy to be here
Last post by B00Bmaster -
 :D  :D  :D  :D
So about me a bit: totally search addict has shitloads of dumps of websites of everything e.g. Porn sites collection around 3000 HD sites  :))  :))  :)) and growing
etc etc

About piracy I'm diamond member at warezforums.* thanks to generous and encouraging nature of admin  :-*  :-*  it's Private forum like snahp for sharing mega and gdrive and all kind of stuff pretty chilled place and member at small private tracker (hybrid tracker torrents + DDL mega and gdrive )

so000 why here then???----- I started lurking around here it's active, chilled, admin is dope like he has almost groped everything from internet and made a collection and everyone likes searching and collecting websites and stuff just like me well I love making friends here and there I'm like hella active on Telegram in piracy and likely groups of different countries Chinese, spanish , russian , japanese , indian and american groups etc so many that i have to maintain 7 8 accounts, discord i don't use much but there also in piracy related groups

I don't abuse torrents just hunt and deep explore things available on web  :))  :))  :))  :))

currently not active that much giving attention to real life stuff  :'(  :'(  :'(  :'(  :'(   :-X

I love helping everyone around if it's possible for me hehehehe
hopefully will get along with you guys  O:)  O:)  O:)  :D  :D