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Bug Report / Re: Bug or Feature?
Last post by Admin -
Yes this is the new intended separate weboasis links from the user's custom was getting hard regularly updating the site's links while keeping the users links in now they are separate.
Bug Report / Bug or Feature?
Last post by Alex Mars -
The "old" had that "add new link" button left side and I could add links to the 'on-hover' in the middle of the site, choosing one of the predefined categories. Today I wanted to add some new ones, but the button is gone :-O Found the button after searching for 10 mins (I'm 50y/o, don't judge me :)) on the right side. It does however not work like before, instead of adding to the dropdown lists of links it shows on the right menu. Intended behaviour?

Cheers, Alex
VPN / Re: WebOasis - Free VPN (Beta)
Last post by cblpuller -
I, Nick promise to never use this VPN for the following activities: CP, Terrorism, Threats of Physical Violence, Hacking/DDOS. I understand that if I do, I'm not only a terrible person, but I will never be allowed to use WebOasis Free VPN EVER AGAIN!

I want to request access to the following servers:
VPN / Re: Official WebOasis Outline VPN - Free For WebOasis Members :-)
Last post by S1NGR000 -
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You can reply to this message, send me a PM on the forum, message me privately in our chat, or email me for VPN access.

Please already have the client downloaded and installed.

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Can I have access please.