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Tech News / Re: Global strike against drug traffickers (Anom)
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The FBI’s honeypot Pixel 4a gets detailed in new report

FBI honeypot phones are now public—and showing up on the secondary market.

With the new knowledge that the FBI phones presented themselves as "ArcaneOS" to users, Vice was able to find several other confused users on the internet who apparently ended up with second-hand FBI devices. Here's a forum post from XDA Developers user "mayday175" asking how to fix their recently purchased, second-hand Pixel 4a with a barely functional build of "ArcaneOS" locked in place. Because nobody had ever heard of this bizarre OS, the user posted a treasure trove of screenshots in an attempt to get help. Mayday writes, "The installed OS is ArcaneOS 10. The system updater says that ArcaneOS 11 is available for download (but I don't want to do that in case it makes this thing even harder to fix)." I wonder how good the FBI is at delivering timely Android OS updates?

The FBI's compromised phones definitely show some red flags that a tech-savvy user should be able to spot. When you start up an Android phone, the first check that happens is Verified Boot, which makes sure the operating system is cryptographically signed by your device manufacturer, ensuring it hasn't been tampered with. If a device fails verified boot, either from having an unlocked bootloader or a re-locked bootloader with tampered software, it will show a message during startup. In this case, the FBI devices display a message saying, "Your device is loading a different operating system," complete with a yellow exclamation point icon and a link for a Google support page at This message is very important.
Political News / Re: A Message From the Gay Community Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
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Political News / Facebook is banning anyone charged(not convicted) with participating in 1.6.2021
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Facebook is banning anyone charged (not convicted) with participating in January 6 US Capitol riot

Facebook has revealed that it will ban anyone who’s charged in connection with the riot at the US Capitol on January 6 and may start “fact-checking” claims that the riot was staged.

In an article detailing how Alan Hostetter, a man who has been charged with obstructing official government proceedings and breaching restricted government property, was banned from Facebook and Instagram within hours of posting a video describing the January 6 riot as a “false flag” and a “fakesurrection” because he believed infiltrators were in the crowd, The Washington Post notes that:

    “Facebook says that it does not allow people charged in the insurrection on the platform and that it may fact-check claims that the riot was staged.”
Political News / A Message From the Gay Community Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
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"But you're just frightened
you think that we will corrupt your kids
if our agenda goes unchecked
funny just this once you're correct.

We'll convert your children
Happens bit by bit
Quietly and subtly
And you will barely notice it

We'll convert your children
We'll make them tolerant and fair"

Video (4min):'A-Message-From-the-Gay-Community'-Performed-by-the-San-Francisco-Gay-Men's-Chorus-ArOQF4kadHA:d

MD5: 2B3C3F7488E59189A940B50F4FA692AF
SHA-1: E60BE88312CF0A2BFBE4863529C89F3986C0F13B
SHA-256: 0EE8B81D577C1B03227ED18F02008FDC7DE1082A36321C0B6BDF7F3C9ABBA8E5
SHA-512: FE57E4E48379821F548A7AF130A72E858320B0DD9D05A8E8A5778AB33C562E9400AB7964358DA6814B10DB18B233CDA50B74F959D8896DDB5AB89E5BDA8B6EA2

At least a few of the men in the video turned out to be convicted pedophiles.