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Off Topic / Don't you homos wish you was bi sexual?
Last post by Anon -
I assume most of you are straight males and so am I. I'm from a semi religious and strongly conservative family but yes the world around us in the younger generations have diluted these ideas to that lefty swing. I voted trump last election though so don't get me wrong on anything. I feel both parties are run by the same corps so it doesn't even matter what happens. Could always leave the country. Okay back to the subject.

I downloaded grindr and I'm straight. I'm just bored and get no where with other dating apps. So what happens on Grindr is it's just a meat banging app for gays and trans. I get PM's fast on that app with no profile pic from crazy old dudes but do get some from middle age guys and rarely get my age range - I'm 27. I want to be gay so I can have something going on in that aspect of my life because right now my grubby is dormant & that sucks. My emotions feel sick of being single or maybe it's me not having sex.

I've had oral sex with a guy before (both ways and 69) but I'm not attracted to guys. I don't get the full pleasure out of it like if it was a girl. Maybe I'm brainwashed being straight or perhaps I've not had enough gay sex to start liking guys? Perhaps there's a way to unlock being gay?  :)) lmao I know that sounds funny because I'm laughing typing this thinking what someone else would think reading this but it's serious. Just imagine if you was bi sexual - That would be a dream come true because then you'd like everyone and could always fulfill your sexual desires no matter what. Like if the girl rejected you. Guys are everywhere and lurking. What if you was a Bi dude who liked getting pounded by dudes and girls w/ straps or could switch things up and do that pounding and you enjoyed it all? What's wrong with our brains - if we was all bi we would all have a way better fulfilling life.
Off Topic / Re: 1 tip
Last post by Anon -
While in a stack formation before breaching a room or area aiming your gun down, up, or away from the team mate infront of you seems like good safety thing to do but it decreases your chances of survival.

In a close stack up put your gun on the person's shoulder who is in front of you with finger on the trigger (in your stack formation it is smartest to go from shortest to tallest so everyone can reach a shoulder). Always keep your gun aiming the direction of possible threat.

Flashing team with your barrel is only a bad thing to do if you're a noob and nobody trust you. The guy in front of you will be your meat bag if things hit the fan and having that gun on the shoulder already sets you up for having cover with the ability to shoot back.
Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, & Drugs / Does Nootropics work?
Last post by Anon -
I'm interested in trying nootropics but I'm brand new and would like to learn more about them and if any of you guys have had any experiences with them. Did they work? Any positive feedback for them? Which brand or formula did you use?
Tech News / NATO Classified Cloud Platform Compromised
Last post by Anon -
NATO Classified Cloud Platform Compromised

Hackers attempted to use the data in an extortion scheme, joking about altering the source code or sending it to Russian intelligence