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Gamermine is another amazing site with an active owner and some cool features. When you first come onto the site you will be greeted with a free dollar, which will be withdraw-able once you start earning. Payouts on this site are also instant, which is one of the big reasons I like this site so much. There is also a nice leveling system to give you bonuses for the more you earn. As you level up through the five tiers, you will get a bonus offer % and a referral offer %. The bonus offer % gives you a certain percent more from every offer you complete. This maxes out at 10% once you reach the max level. The offer already pay decent and this makes them pay very well once you are given that bonus. If you have a problem on the site you will need to contact the owner on discord and he will usually help you out pretty quick. There is also an option to wager your coins on dice that is in site to make some more coins. This site is a close second to Gain.

Withdraw Methods
There is Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Amazon gift cards, Steam gift cards, League of Legends gift cards, and OPSkins withdraw options. All of which are instant. 1000 coins is $1.



Gain is definitely my favorite site that I have found through the years. The owner is super nice and helpful and there is almost always somebody on to help you. Once you join the site you start unverified and withdraw won't be instant but if the owner or admins are on, they will put it through for you. After just a few surveys you will get verified by the owner and withdraw will be instant. This is the best feature of this site considering almost any other site that I go on it takes ages for my withdraw to go through. The payouts on Gain are pretty good and definitely better than some of the bigger name sites. With 5 different offer walls there is never a shortage of surveys. 10/10 site.

Withdraw Methods
There is Paypal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitskins, and OPSkins to cash out. All of which are instant after verification. 1000 coins is $1.