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Online anonymity

What are you're thoughts on privacy online?
Do you think everyone should be truly anonymous,
or should some amount of tracking should be involved?

Re: Online anonymity

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Are we saying whats the actual case happening now? or what it should be like in an ideal world?

In an ideal world, we would all be as anonymous as we want to be. We should be able to force companies to purge data on us when we ask, etc. No amount of terrorism or crime could make me want to give up rights such as privacy, improper searches/seizures, free speech, etc.

In the actual world in 2019...its extremely difficult to be totally anonymous online or offline...its getting even more difficult...its getting worse not better...the amount of data the western intelligence agencies have is absolutely insane. The NSA, GCHQ, etc have essentially the entire internet tapped. If they can't tap a specific network, then they watch all traffic going into and out of it...its all recorded forever and timestamped...they could go back and see packets you sent online 10 years ago...

Obviously this takes time and money and this is typically only done for high profile cases and high level criminal stuff, but as it becomes more widespread and technology improves...this will become more commonplace. I'm absolutely terrified for the future both digitally and in real life. Welcome to 1984 police state.