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Very far out remote viewing / alternate history thread

Some time ago I stumbled across a post in r/conspiracy on Reddit talking about remote viewing, ancient civilization, alien civilization, etc... I can't say if this is the product of a very prolific, wild imagination or some deep knowledge but either way it makes for some fascinating reading. It's hundreds of pages long across several threads, to give you an idea of the scale. Definitely worth checking out.

The Reddit thread has links to these posts on Godlike Productions entitled, "Alterwelt Thread"  1 through 3 then "Au├čenseiter Thread".

This needs to be archived somehow, a few different ways at least, but GDP has some undefined methods to avoid crawling and it's not based off of robots.txt. I haven't looked at it in a while but I want to again. An app would need to be written, and perhaps some contributions to help keep the admins cool after that, maybe??   :))

Alterwelt Thread #1

Alterwelt Thread #2

Alterwelt Thread #3

Au├čenseiter Thread

Re: Very far out remote viewing / alternate history thread

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just a heads up before anyone gets to coding up user.js for this endeavor...  definately read the fine print really close to ensure its not a ToS violation. As I understand it that board is housed and administered from Eglin,AFB.  Additionally, (and these ppl would be the ones to know) at least three of the BV's are A.I.  that are trained from posts there.,1704.msg17005.html#msg17005


Re: Very far out remote viewing / alternate history thread

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What are you wanting archived? The whole godlikeproductions forum post? It seems possible to use if you can do it page by page yourself. Reddit archive: