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Body Armor

AR500 Armor® launched its own line of ballistic armor and body armor solutions in 2012. We entered the industry with the mindset of manufacturing top quality, reliable products that offered our customers high value solutions. Our products are intended for responsible law-abiding American citizens, our law-enforcement personnel, and our military personnel; we currently sell to legal residents of the United States.

With our unique in-house manufacturing processes and ability to acquire material made to our specifications, we’ve set the standard for ballistic steel core body armor. Utilizing industry leading spall and fragmentation mitigation coatings we've further increased what's possible with ballistic steel. Our products are available through our website and authorized dealers throughout the United States. AR500 Armor® is a privately held business; Our Headquarters, team members, and manufacturing facility are located in Phoenix, Arizona

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AR500 is in my opinion, is very low quality armor. It is the only modern armor to ever be recalled by the CPSC, and is weak to 7.62 and M193 556.  Not to mention it weighs more than level IV yet doesn't even claim to offer similar protection. Spalling is also very common from the armor. The only thing that it should realistically be used for is maybe reinforcing your walls from drive by shootings. Otherwise, it is a very bad choice. If you need body armor, Hesco, while expensive, is a very reputable manufacturer. Their armor actually does what it claims, unlike AR500, and they don't spend nearly as much on propaganda. Body armor is very much a case of you get what you pay for.

I know I'm necroposting, but I'm not sure if that's considered a big deal on this forum, and I would think that it's worth it for something that could very much save someone's life.


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No problem with the necropost. Thanks for the info!