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Dump of AyAz_TeChY

A quick backup of all posts in


JSON layout is e.g.:
Code: [Select]
    "index": "",
    "user_name": "AyAz_TeChY",
    "user_url": "",
    "views": false,
    "date_time": "2018-06-11T06:00:39+00:00",
    "text": "Channel created"

Re: Dump of AyAz_TeChY

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HTML version that can be viewed easier

This backup of a Telegram channel has tons of video tutorials for downloading using and Google Drive download links. Video tutorials are mostly technology, programming, and server admin related. Check it out.

Re: Dump of AyAz_TeChY

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What is this? Once again, I'm a huge noob at this stuff but I'm trying to learn.


Re: Dump of AyAz_TeChY

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Links to premium E-Learning Video Tutorials from paid sources like
They are offering them for free on filehosting websites. I like watching these to learn new tech skills.