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WebOasis Hosting Service

       Alright...  *burp*
                            What if WebOasis had its own GitHub-esc hosting service. I think this is a crazy
                            but fun idea, for people in this almost wild west of the internet to share
                          malware Side projects, weird out of the box stuff, written in python,
                            plaintext idc. Just make it open source, widely customizable and  accessible.

An anonymous upload option would also be interesting...

(If you guys cant run this tell me how I can. what could possibly go wrong?)

Re: WebOasis Hosting Service

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How much startup money do you have? If you have 100 grand, lets talk...

I'll teach you how to become a bulletproof hosting provider.

It requires much more than buying an offshore server with Bitcoin.

You'll want to start an anonymous offshore corporation in Seychellles, Belize, etc. Thats a few grand right there. This corporation will act as a legal shield for you and your company. Many more steps, but you get the idea that this wouldn't be some weekend project...It would be a huge commitment. Could be wildly profitable if done correctly, but also very risky. Especially when police seize some of your hardware which would probably eventually happen. You'd almost have to speak with each client or customer ahead of time and make sure exactly what they are hosting or what they plan to do with it. CP and Terrorism is pretty universally frowned upon and that shit will get police of nearly any country raiding your servers (rightfully so) and unfortunately offshore bulletproof hosts attract a lot more shit than just some bots, malware, dmca, etc...they attract the worst of the worst customers...SPAM, DDOS, CP, and Terror. You'd still probably want to make sure your clients aren't doing anything too extreme like those 4 examples or else you are gonna be raided often and be kicked out of datacenters and lose peers / uplink providers. In fact, You'd probably want to offshore incorporate 2 separate companies. 1 is front facing company that actually sells services to customers...the other is uplink provider that you also when abuse complaints are ignored at 1st level...then they go and complain to your uplink providers...they are also owned by you and can be ignored. They can keep going up the chain, but the best offshore hosts employ this tactic to make it one step harder for them. Shoutout to Novogara the OG's at this.

Re: WebOasis Hosting Service

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This entire section of the forum is dedicaed to offshore hosting:

Read all the articles, read the pdf's, watch the youtube videos, look at the list / infographic in the sticky thread. This will give you a glimpse of how it works and how its more complex than people realize.