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Topic: How to hack spotify (sort of) [Download Podcasts w/o Premium] (Read 575 times) previous topic - next topic

How to hack spotify (sort of) [Download Podcasts w/o Premium]

Ok I don't know if this qualifies as a "hack", but I am accessing something that isn't intended to be accessed so I guess it counts.

This method only works for podcast afaik, don't go tryna download music off spotify this way it simply won't work.

Step 1:
Open up the podcast you want to download via [Desktop app will also work for this] . You will have to have a spotify (free) account first, however.
Like so:

Step 2:
Now this next step is extremely important:
Select the episode you want to download.DO NOT CLICK ON PLAY, JUST SELECT IT SO IT IS HIGHLIGHTED

Press Ctrl+Shift+I for Chrome users. Press equivalent keyboard shortcut for other browsers (I dunno) that opens up inspect mode equivalent of Chrome.
This is because doesn't allow you to right click. (Oh no! How will I hack if I can't right click! (Probably what spotify devs thought haxxors will think while implementing this "feature"))
Then click on the network tab of the inspect panel, and apply the media filter.

Step 3:
Click on the encircled mp3 link, which should lead you to a page with a audio file on it, and nothing else. This file will use the default google player to play on chrome, and then we are through, since the default chrome player allows you to download said file by simply clicking on the 3 settings dots and then on the download button that appears.

And just like that, you have successfully haxxored your way and downloaded (I presume (since you are resorting to this method)) a Spotify EXCLUSIVE podcast (LOOKING AT YOU, LPOTL! YOU ARE THE REASON I HAD TO COME UP WITH THIS WORKAROUND!).

I dunno man. I am no network security expert, but my understanding of this "hack" is that spotify is being lazy and not hosting podcast files on their own servers, since they are probably too big to store(this is my best guess). Therefore the podcasters store their audio files on an external service, which in the case of LPOTL is Spotify simply pings that server and requests it for the .mp3, which it then plays with the spotify player inside your browser. Because it does this rather than using its propiertary streaming technology wherein it checks like every 5 s if you are a valid user with a certificate and only streams like the next 5s of the song in each packet (Again I am by no means a expert), I can track these requests, go to the source url and download it.


As of today, Last Podcast On The Left switched to spotify style of music streaming, it doesn't store files on their external server anymore. But their lastpodcastnetwork site for some weird reason does. just go to and apply above technique on the play widget.

Update 2:
As of 28=06-2020, the lastpodcastnetwork site is down. The widgets can still be found on Same method applies.