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Search for Weboasis links

I don't know if this is possible or not so I'm asking.
Is there a way to search the WebOasis links ?
I've been through the different lists and there are some GREAT links that I like to go back to.
I find it silly that I would link to the links within WebOasis so it would be nice to search WebOasis for ftp or torrent or books etc. and this would search through the WebOasis and point me to the right link!

If this does not exist, how do you guys do it. If you want to do a whois, do you remember where the DNS etc links are or do you have a way ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Search for Weboasis links

Reply #1 < has a lot of links to look through

DNS links?
Check those.

Currently there isn't really a search to search every WebOasis link. Maybe there should be. I'll see what I can come up with.

Re: Search for Weboasis links

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Thanks for the reply, DNS was just an example.

I don't understand how people find  the link they are looking for without looking through the tabs.

Thanks for the links

Re: Search for Weboasis links

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I volunteered to do this a while ago and never did. like a curated list.

Re: Search for Weboasis links

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That would be really GREAT !
And BTW, thanks for a great service, it is really fantastic!