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Topic: September 27th 2020 - Master Link Spreadsheet Idea (Read 7 times) previous topic - next topic

September 27th 2020 - Master Link Spreadsheet Idea

September 27th 2020 - Master Link Spreadsheet Idea

DOWNLOAD Spreadsheet:

DOWNLOAD WebOasis Links Script:

I would like to achieve the goal of properly organizing & categorizing every single link on WebOasis into an offline spreadsheet.

In order to reach this goal, I'll probably need some help from the community.

If you can help me improve the spreadsheet and update it with the latest links please let me know below.

The spreadsheet is still missing hundreds of links and I'm sure the spreadsheet & links can be better organized / categorized.

Hopefully we got some people who love spreadsheets and don't mind a bit of busy work.

We don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, but the idea is this spreadsheet will help make us immortal. Even if we go offline or are down, you'll still have all the knowledge at the tip of your fingertips because you saved the offline spreadsheet.

If you have thoughts or suggestions let me know below.