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May 21st 2020 - Homepage Updated

WebOasis Homepage Has Been Updated!
To see changes instantly, clear your browser's cache and click the "Reset All To Default" button in the left popout menu on WebOasis.

Notable Changes:
Fixed search engine selection on Chrome based browsers.
Restyled search engine drop down menu.
Information center in the upper right hand corner has some minor improvements.
The computer, browser, and resolution info now links to & the IP shown after you click "Show IP" now takes you to

Re: May 21st 2020

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Where's the "Reset All To Default" button? I can't find it when I hover over the top left three bars.

Re: May 21st 2020

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Scroll down the hamburger menu, you should see it at the bottom. The first of the five buttons.
Ohhhhh, I forgot to scroll down lol.

EDIT: Pressing the button still doesn't show the changes even when I clear my browser's cache