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Crypto adoption in the age of cancel culture

Cancel culture/deplatforming at a fever pitch. Companies like Paypal, Google, Visa, and Mastercard are making it very clear that they will fuck with anybody's online cashflow by using their Terms of Service with extreme prejudice. And I'm wondering what will it take for the ones most at risk to strongly consider cryptocurrency as a means around the latter. Granted, it's not an ideal solution for people that are probably too used to having money just drop right into their bank accounts, and are likely to drift towards quick fixes like Coinbase or Bitpay that undermine the biggest point of cryptocurrency. But what's the alternative? Hope that politicians grow a brain and a pair of balls and legislate a solution that Big Tech can't fight in court?

Re: Crypto adoption in the age of cancel culture

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There is plenty of ways to get crypto without going through dumb exchanges like Coinbase. You also don't have to use something like Bitpay to accept payments online. I don't think an alternative to cryptocurrency is needed. I just think there needs to be a much larger adoption of it worldwide. < host your own BitPay alternative

You can mine your own crypto or you can buy it without ID from places like or

There is far more ways than what I listed, that is just the first few that came to my mind.