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Why SatoshiVPN?

If you've never bought a VPN service, you might be thinking, "Which is the best for me?"

We have an answer: Your own SatoshiVPN server.

Over the last few years, VPN services have grown in popularity – and for good reason. Using a VPN helps protect your privacy and secure your data from being easily stolen — a critically important task for the increasing number of people around the world facing the threat of surveillance.

But here's a secret: SatoshiVPN is more than a box to check on your way to visiting your favorite websites.

We offer a path to personal exploration, the mystery of learning and discovery as Ada Lovelace developed the first computer program, as Tim Berners-Lee connected the world, and then as Satoshi Nakamoto decentralized it. SatoshiVPN will lead you to places never yet imagined, through thoughts impossible to think without the right tools and a wise guide.

Allow us to lead you in the next step of your journey to the free internet. SatoshiVPN has a way of helping customers openly express themselves — including views you may despise.

This is why we decided to create a service that automatically installs the user-friendly, open-source VPN software, Outline, on a private server that's located near you.

When you run your own SatoshiVPN server with Outline installed, you get:

    Complete privacy
    Pay anonymously with Bitcoin. No user registration required.

    Data security
    Outline encrypts all your data using a 256-bit cipher.

    Unblocked access
    Gain access to censored content by browsing from the location of your choice.

    Faster connections
    Unlike free VPN services, connection speed isn't throttled.

    Affordable pricing
    Try it free—then upgrade to a longer lasting server starting at $0.99 USD.

Best of all, SatoshiVPN makes setting up a private VPN server quick and easy. You can click to create your server in minutes. And there's no server management required.

We would be excited to see what you can do with SatoshiVPN behind you.