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Handbrake settings

from the chat room

01:07:43 Admin: is pretty solid
01:08:33 MovieSpy: do you have a good settings for this sir?
01:10:21 Admin: I prefer x264 with preset of very slow or placebo with CRF of 16-19 depending on movie. I try to usually convert audio to 640kb/s AC3 unless its high end action movie or like has amazing soundtrack or something and then maybe I‘ll do TrueHD or DTSHD Passthru
01:10:55 Admin: darker movies require a lower CRF

01:11:23 Admin: x264 should always be 4.1 high
01:12:07 MovieSpy: what i want is to decrease the filesize but the quality is remain
01:12:32 Admin: tune should be set to film
01:12:51 Admin: encoder set to high
01:12:57 Admin: level 4.1
01:13:12 Admin: encoder preset very slow or placebo
01:14:06 Admin: Constant Quality (CRF) should be 16-19
01:14:09 MovieSpy: how about the filter TAB sir?
01:14:26 Admin: always use constant frame rate
01:14:46 Admin: frame rate should be 23.976

01:15:02 Admin: unless its a euro source which may be 25fps the keep that
01:15:08 Admin: so either 23.976 or 25

01:15:55 Admin: on filter everything should be set to off
01:16:07 Admin: unless you have interlaced 1080i source or something
01:16:36 MovieSpy: the source sir is 15GB, and i want it to compress it in about 1.5GB to 2.3GB. is it possible sir without losing the quality?
01:17:28 Admin: you probably want to use h265 to achive that kind of compression then...its harder on cpu for both encoding and decoding
01:18:15 Admin: x264 is more compatible, and that kind of compression you are wanting reminds me of YiFY movies
01:18:38 Admin: you can get it to look decent, but you can‘t retain 100% of quality at that size
01:18:52 Admin: the settings I was giving you was to retain 100% quality
01:19:07 MovieSpy: i‘ve seen a lot of encoder today.
01:19:55 MovieSpy: mkvcage and PSA have a good decent quality for me.
01:20:06 Admin: my settings are based on what the most popular movie release groups use


Re: Handbrake settings

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I always wondered what YIFY used, as far as ripping and compression.
Now I know.