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Topic: tv that has built in voice that can play movies of a hard drive on tv (Read 376 times) previous topic - next topic

tv that has built in voice that can play movies of a hard drive on tv

hi to everyone this is just a question i need help with so if anyone can help me with this

right i have a android box with movies on it connected to my tv so i can watch movies off my hard drive on the tv. at the moment i go through the hard drive and select watch movie to watch.but i have got over 4000 movies on my hard drive on a 2 external hard drives one is 8tb and one is 3tb. but what i want to do is if it can be done is there any tv out there that has built in voice into the tv and the remote. what i want to do is say the name of the movie that is on my hard drive and the tv finds it and plays it on my tv. is there any tv that does this cos there is a lot of tvs now have a voice remote my tv does not have a voice remote it is a philips 50 inch 4KTV. i am thinking about buying a new tv only if i can do this method. is there any tv out there that does this or is it best to get a new android that does that i dont know of any android boxes that does that.

well when you connect a android box to the tv it is like a mini computer you can install apps on it you have built in it a app that plays stuff of your hard drive. my tv has a limit to 1tb hard drive it has a usb port at the back of the tv but it has that limit. so if i want to connect a bigger hard drive it wount come up. so i connect my android box to my tv then i connect my hard drive to the android box then i go onto the hdmi channel and the android box comes up. and i can play any video file through the android box. but i just thought insted of me going through the movies i have got on the hard drive cos there is lots of them. is there anyway i can use maybe one of thoses tvs that has a voice built were you talk through the remote. and it does like if i say find batman 1966 movie on my hard drive then i would think it would find it then i would say play. is there any tvs that do that cos there is a few tvs that have a voice built into the tv and the remote so how do they work then.