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can you download a torrent file through the internet on a website

hi to everyone i have got a question i need to ask

right how do you download torrent files without bitorrent or utorent software there is this torrent file
 i found on a site WWF Coliseum Video Pack 2 it is 76.82GB i dont have any softwares that downloads torrent files. cos with a lot of torrent softwares you get virus sometimes
so i thought if it is possible can you download a torrent files through like a website where you add the torrent file or is there a better software that downloads torrent files.
some softwares download video links from websites that is what i do cos it is a lot saftey to do. i dont know of any software that can download torrent files and video links
i have heard that you can download torrent files through the internet on a website. but i dont know if that can be done or if someone
can upload this torrent file to a website like

here is the link to the torrent file
it is 76.82GB which is a big file

so can anyone help me with this question