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Skypack is a first-of-its-kind JavaScript Package Delivery Network (PDN).

Third-party package dependencies can make up 90% of the JavaScript code that we serve to our users. Skypack is optimized to serve those dependencies as quickly as possible, speeding up your site and letting you focus on deploying & managing the code that you actually wrote yourself.

How is Skypack different from a traditional CDN?

Loading JavaScript from a third-party CDN isn't a groundbreaking concept. In the past, it was even recommended to load popular libraries like jQuery from a public CDN to take advantage of shared caching across sites. As more and more sites join, cache hits become more likely, making all connected sites load faster as a result.

Skypack is public CDN story, redesigned for the modern age. Load your third-party, open source packages directly from Skypack's global delivery network for improved performance and caching without giving up your favorite build tools, bundlers, and hosting services.