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Luke Smith

Apparently this dude is controversial? - His Podcast - His Website - His YouTube - His BitChute

@FieryBlake Can you provide a synopsis of this guy? Why is he popular? Why is he controversial?

Followers would tell you its because he is spitting facts and logic. Honestly, its because he has associated himself in the eyes of the internet culture with alt right symbolism.

"-and I mean, let's be super frank, most of the people in the GNU project, and the FSF, and the free software movement generally. I mean their all like, fart-smelling-shit-Libs. I mean it's not like there's anyone with even a remotely conservative opinion. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm a right-wing extremist myself (Transcription note: at this point a Pepe-esque Tux appears with a MAGA hat, and 'TrumpOS' disc appears), but you know, I'm an exception to the rule: I have my own viewpoints, they have theirs...."

I don't personally know how much of these accusations are correct, so believe in the reddit threads if you want.

The Linux community don't much like him because he messes up shit in his videos sometimes.

Take whatever reddit and youtube says with a grain of salt, I am sure I don't have to tell you this but I am anyways.