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Cheap Beginner Courses on becoming a Graphic Designer

Hey! An easy way to make money online is by being a graphic designer, and from experience, you can make quite a bit if you are good!

But away way, while watching youtube I stumbled on this Youtube channel "Logos by Nick". Who is a graphic designer who uses Inkscape (a free and open source graphic design program) professionally. Which I honestly have to admire as while Inkscape is a very good program, you do have to do a lot more work to achieve what you could do in a press of a button with say Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

But not only does he use it professionally but he also make tutorials on how you can use Inkscape or Gimp (another free open source photo editing program that can also be for graphic design), make logos, and start earning money from it. While there are some free videos on his Youtube channel, they are little part or taste if you will, of the full online courses that he has. And I have to stay I was impressed at his work and how well made his videos are. He does however charge a one-time payment of $17 USD for each course or $39 USD option for all which is very cheap for a course this well made and with so much material, and on top of that your tools are free! But here are the 4 courses that he has

and finally here is his website where you can also see some more previews of what's in his courses!

And the reason i'm promoting him is because I truly believe what he is doing is really neat and awesome. Like honestly, teach people how to be a graphic designer and use free and open source tools for that low of a price is really nice. Considering that he practically covers a lot of material that you would see in an expense graphic design course in which you would even have to pay for your own tools. And while yes, there are a lot of free youtube videos on graphic design, this channel caught my eye the most for how well and complete along with simple and easy they are. I have to say that for a one time payment of $39 USD, it's really worth it, especially for starting off!