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Free File Hosting

URLs Only
Name / URLMax Size Time Kept Extra Notes
~5 GB?Allows uploading to loads 
of sites at once. Most
require accounts."at least 20 days"* MB30 Days * GB∞ $
https://uploadfiles.io5 GB30 Days∞ ?$
20 GB6 Years *These are all the
 same site? GB6 Months* GB? MB24 Hours* without $ GB∞ $
https://www.dropbox.com2 GB∞ $
https://nofile.io10 GB"As long as possible" ? WEBSITE MACHINE 🅱️ROKE MB50 days * GB∞ ?Slow as hell but basically bulletproof GB30 Days* without $ GB? GB$ GB60 Days* GB? GB$ MB30 Days* GB??I can't read French lol
http://www.wikiupload.com5 GB"as they are being downloaded."? GB? GB30 Days* $ GB? GB??
https://clicknupload.org2 GB? GB? GB? GB?$ 10 GB?$ GB?$ GB?$"indefinitely as long as they are active"< 100Mo = 30 days; > 100Mo = 7 days; "visit resets the counter" daysOr host it yourself!

*- since last download
?- unclear / not specified
$- account based / no anonymous uploads

A LOT of these sites are very similar, using XFileSharing

Post sites in the replies and I'll edit them into the table accordingly
Thank you to @Beetless(USER)‍ for an assload of sites
My eyes are melting looking at all these tables :^)

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thanks for these, pretty useful.

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Copy from my post but add mirrorAce greatest website I have found behind this website


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No problem, for an assload of sites xD.