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Hi guys, TP2P veteran here

Nice to join you guys here, hope we can all help each others, I was active for years in tp2p and it was heaven, hope we can make this place like this as well. any tp2p members?

Re: Hi guys, TP2P veteran here

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Not too many people interested in web development yet on here, but maybe that can improve in the future. Here's a list to some other sites and resources that may help you out.

WebDev           Dev Homepage           Dev Social
DevURLs         Dev News
OpenSource             FOSS Dev
FreeDev             Free Dev
XIPSEO             Search Optimize
SEOLinks             Search Optimize
Statically             Free CDN
NGINXConf           Web Server
NGINXDocker           Web Server
NGINXGuide             Web Server
CheatSheet           Cheat Sheet
PublicAPI             API Info
DevRoadmap             Learning Guides
FastDesign             Code Packages
Libraries             Code Packages
RequestBin             Dev Tools
GeekTool             Dev Tools
GitHub           Code Colab
GitLab           Code Colab           Code Colab
3V4L         Test Code
CodePen         Explore Code
CodeSandbox         Explore Code
DevDocs             WebDev Docs
RegEx101             RegEx
FavMatic             Favicon
NerdFonts         Fonts
GetTheFont         Fonts
GoogleFont         Fonts
iFonts             Fonts
DFonts             Fonts
DaFont             Fonts
FontGet             Fonts
FontSpace             Fonts
Squirrel             Fonts
Paletton             Color Scheme
Coolors             Color Scheme
FlatIcon             Icons
SVGRepo             SVG Icons
SysUIcons             SVG Icons
SVGViewer             SVG Tools
SVGOMG         SVG Editor
NounProject             Icons
JSBeautify             Clean JS
JSCompress             Compress JS
CSSOpti             Compress CSS
CSSGrid             Grid Generator
DiffChecker             Find Differences
Browserling         Test Website
√ź¬°omparium         Test Website
Responsive         Test Website
SiteShot         Test Website
TroyLabs         Test Website
Thumbnail         Thumbnails
Downloader             Stock Photos
NoHat   Stock Photos
GFXList             Graphics
AllFree             Graphics
GFXMount           Graphics
GFXDomain   Graphics
GraphicEX   Graphics
GFXCosy            Graphics
GFXTRA   Graphics
PSDKeys   Graphics
AVAXGFX   Graphics
DesignRocks   Graphics             WebDev Forum
XenForo             Scripts
CodeList             Scripts
NulledTeam             Scripts
ScriptNull   Scripts
NullForum           Scripts
SourceCode           Scripts
Portaliz             Themes
SiteDev   Themes
Babiato   Themes
ThemeLock   Themes
ThemeWagon   Themes
WPLocker   Themes
ThemeDe             Themes
GPLDL   Themes
CGPersia   3D Models
DownPirate   3D & VFX
VFXDown         VideoFX
ShareAE   VideoFX
FreeDownAE   VideoFX
GFXDown   VideoFX
AEDownPro   VideoFX
SFXDown   SoundFX
FOSSBuild   Open Source
DesignTool   Design Tools
Selfhosted   Host Yourself