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Decentralized Git Service Using Fediverse

Still Being Developed...

ForgeFed is an upcoming federation protocol extending the W3C's ActivityPub protocol to provide a uniform server-to-server API for interoperability between networked version control services, with limited pub/sub access for messaging and notifications to and from the larger fediverse. It allows users of any ForgeFed-compliant service to interact with other ForgeFed-compliant forge services, without being a registered user of that foreign service, just as if they were. In this way, users that choose to self-host have the additional benefit/responsibility of fully controlling of their own authentication/identityand their own data.

All of the most common user interactions are supported such as: cloning/forking, merge-requests/patches, bug-reports/code-review, subscriptions/favorites with VCS-agnostic, service-agnostic, and client-agnostic genericity.