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VPN / Proxy Detection API

VPN / Proxy Detection API started out as a small IP address side project in 2017, where users would get the geolocation details of an IP address. Few months later, the first VPN and proxy checker was created. Within a matter of months, our privacy detection tool was thousands of times each hour, which check and tested each IP address to see if they were a potential threat to a website or business. Since 2017, our API had determined over 900 million API requests which considered if an IP was either a VPN, proxy, or TOR node. In 2019, we began implementing crawlers all across the net, in search for internet protocols that may be used for either of the three. The reason why we decided to create is to rebuild the perfect detection API from the ground up, which allows us to easily expand. Our goal is to constantly provide a service that can give you with the necessary protection in order to block malicious users and attacks.

Free Plan
Users can still use our services, however free users are limited to 1000 API requests per a day and server speeds may very, depending on the amount of free users using the API at the same time. For faster API queries, please consider purchasing an API plan.