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You cant stop the Signal

Hi guys - Not sure how I stumbled upon this joint but it seems like a good place so thought I'd stick around and help propagate it as there's not too many good places left on the interwebz nowadays.

I'm starting a media company to take the fight to the (((parasites))) that are winning the information war. I didnt realise it would be so hard just to create a website that is resistant to subversion and censorship! I'm almost at the point of launching and dont have anyone I can trust to help me so will need to learn as much as possible about the technical side of things as possible and thought this would be a good place to start.

Look forward to seeing you round the traps.


Re: You cant stop the Signal

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Maybe our guide will help?

You are wanting to run a website that needs free speech hosting and are afraid of censorship and cancel culture?

I can maybe make some more specific suggestions. Let me know some more details of what content you'll be hosting, what you concerns are, and what your budget for this project will be.

Re: You cant stop the Signal

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Heya - I've sent you a PM, will send more details that you've requested that I've just noticed.