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07:33:25 bugstuck: hi guys, does anyone know if a queryperformancefrequency of 24mhz is better than 10mhz?
07:34:11 Thomas: No, but I would think for a "performancefrequency" the higher the better?
07:36:22 bugstuck: its just that if i enable HPET i get 24.00000 mhz and with it off it goes to 10.00000 mhz and the framerate goes higher with 10 than 24

07:39:08 Thomas: What‘s HPET

07:40:06 bugstuck: its a technology related to windows

07:40:43 bugstuck: some folks say it helps performance in games turning it off
07:42:13 bugstuck: it has to do with windows timers witch is a related to the cpu
07:42:57 bugstuck: some people saw massive increase in frames on games messing with it

07:43:28 Thomas: I see, it would seem obvious that the increase in frequency would improve performace
07:43:37 Thomas: But these must be systems running games on CPU?
07:43:51 Thomas: Or does it alter the GPU as well?
07:44:02 bugstuck: no just the cpu
07:44:13 Thomas: Who plays games on CPU

07:44:52 bugstuck: well thats up to the developers of the games
07:45:11 bugstuck: some games are cpu dependent more than gpu
07:45:29 bugstuck: like open world games where the cpu has to calculate alot of A.i.
07:45:41 Thomas: So you have a higher framerate with HPET disabled and thus a freq of 10 00000 mhz
07:45:47 bugstuck: llike the witcher 3
07:45:51 Thomas: "1thz"?

07:46:40 bugstuck: if i disable it the queryperformance counter goes from 24 to 10 and the frames increase on the benchmark

07:46:56 Thomas: Well we, or I, don‘t really know what the freqency is referencing to
07:47:14 Thomas: Does it reference the amount of CPU instructions are done? Or something else
07:47:28 bugstuck: there must be something that is missing here for sure
07:47:42 bugstuck: it has to do with windows timers
07:48:07 bugstuck: which is something, if im not wrong, with cpu cicles
07:48:37 Thomas: are you doing this?
07:49:19 bugstuck: sometimes these kind of tweaks do improve performance but it is not worth it applying them due to limitations of the monitor screen
07:49:49 Thomas: HPET = High Precision Event Timer

07:51:44 Thomas: Could it be possible that a CPU may not be able to handle the 24 tHz frequency? Like windows is overloading it
07:52:11 bugstuck: windows has its own timer technology to be applied to the cpu but if we disable it, other timers come in action from the cpu itself a
07:52:30 Thomas: Where the CPU has too much to do it doesn‘t know what to do
07:52:33 bugstuck: and sometimes these are better thus the performance increase
07:52:37 Thomas: And it actually runs better on 10 tHz

07:53:10 Thomas: Reading that HPET is not compatible for all systems
07:53:46 Thomas: It could also be that there‘s no set standard for a specific frequency, and windows is confused with a specific chip
07:54:00 bugstuck: must research more on the matter but im so tired of reading through all of the useless posts on so many forums
07:54:11 Thomas: Though it‘d have to be an exotic CPU for this, can‘t imagine an intel i5 suffering from this