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Discover any technical information about internet assets: explore websites, companies, cyber-infrastructures, their relationships and vulnerability levels.

Spyse is a search and analysis platform that reveals data interrelationships and provides relevant security details on entities of the entire Internet.

We carry out a great deal of work starting from scanning ports and determining of technologies, ending with the gathering of certificates details and business information on companies represented on the network.

With over 2.5 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, our company specializes in large-scale scans and big data processing fields.

We pride ourselves on sharing our achievements and work results to offer Spyse users significant amounts of data.

1 PB Data process each month
25B Documents are stored in our DB
70+ Servers scan and store our data
25TB Of Information about internet assets we collect and store

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Great site.
Sad it's paid but eh, things are not free.