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How to get someone's password from their email address

- TOR or a self-hosted VPN
- Basic technical knowledge
- A hard drive with a lot of disk space
- Glogg (

Step 1:

Put your victim's email address and whatnot into and

Keep note of all data breaches your victim is in

Step 2:

Go to and create an account if you don't already have one. At their database index (, you'll probably find all the databases listed. You'll also find torrents for Collection #1-5 + Antipublic data, you should download that as well. Prioritize anything with plain text passwords or weak hashing algorithms

Step 3:

Decompress all of your databases and search through them with glogg using their email address and whatnot. If you can't get anything in plaintext, just use hashcat or something since I don't want to explain how to use hashcat here.