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TorrentFreak: Denuvo Cracker EMPRESS “Arrested”

In a post under her new Reddit handle of ‘InfinityGoddess’, a few hours ago EMPRESS told the masses on the CrackWatch subreddit that the worst-case scenario had unfolded. Pointing the finger at FitGirl, fellow repacker ‘Masquerade’ and “all the beautiful non toxic community here”, EMPRESS said that some people on Reddit had reported both her and her real address to the authorities.

The reddit post announcing the arrest:
The wired article:

A summary of the events:

Mr_Goldberg "retires" citing frustration with the community:
...and releases source code of the uplay r2 emu:


Re: TorrentFreak: Denuvo Cracker EMPRESS “Arrested”

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I was about to post most of those exact links and you beat me to it lol, thanks. What weird unnecessary drama in the cracking/repacking world.