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Does Nootropics work?

I'm interested in trying nootropics but I'm brand new and would like to learn more about them and if any of you guys have had any experiences with them. Did they work? Any positive feedback for them? Which brand or formula did you use?


Re: Does Nootropics work?

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I've got a fair bit of experience with nootropics!

They work, to an extent. Don't expect any limitless like experiences with them.

After 6/7 years trying all different nootropics I can confidently say this:

Get your nutrition on point, get a good exercise regime going, get good SLEEP and start a meditative practice and you probably won't even think about nootropics again. The best part though is that if you're actually good with those 4 things, nootropics will actually have an effect on you.

I can't recommend any to try as it is so individual as to how your body responds to them and is highly dependent on you and your lifestyle. A lot of people seem to respond well to Racetams though and a lot of people recommend stacks with them.

Now if you want to move into the smart drugs realm, different story. I would still worry about nutrition, exercise, sleep and meditation first and foremost but I have used Modafinil on and off for the last 10 years, as well and Ritalin, Adderall and many others. These do have noticeable effects, but they're all disrupting the chemical balance in your body and therefore all have some form of downside, if you're willing to handle the downside for the short-term benefits, then they can be really handy. These days I occasionally still us modafinil if I've got a few big days in a row and I know I've got study that needs to be completed.

Overall would not recommend, but I will gladly acknowledge that they have their place and will use them when I feel like I need to.

If you have anymore questions, just shout out. If you need help with nutrition, exercise, sleep, meditation or just health in general, also shout out, its my profession and something I love doing, so am always willing to help out.