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TempleOS - Installation

TempleOS is a public domain, open source (requires source code to boot) multitasking OS for amd64 processors without EFI support. It’s fully cooperatively multitasked and all code runs in Ring 0. This means that system calls that normally require a context switch are just normal function calls. All ram is identity-mapped too, so sharing memory between tasks is as easy as passing a pointer. There’s a locking intrinsyc too. It has full documentation (with graphical diagrams) embedded directly in source code.

This is outsider art. The artist of this art, Terry A. Davis (1969-2018, RIP), had very poor mental health before he was struck by a train and died. I hope he is at peace.

However, in direct spite of this, I believe that TempleOS has immediately applicable lessons to teach about OS and compiler design. I want to use this blogpost series to break the genius down and separate it out from the insanity, bit by bit.

This is not intended to make fun of the mentally ill, disabled or otherwise incapacitated. This is not an endorsement of any of Davis’ political views. This is intended to glorify and preserve his life’s work that so few can currently really grasp the scope of.

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I watched a video about TempleOS while sleep deprived on a plane. I was 90% sure it was just a fever dream. This man is fuckin insane.