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An image cache & resize service.

Manipulate images on-the-fly with a worldwide cache. is an image service which is free for use to anyone, and we offer it as-is, it's just basic image resizing, available to anyone, easy to use. We try to keep everyone as happy as we can.

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Re: - An image cache & resize service

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Can I clarify, is this service engaged in reducing the size and resolution of the image? How much do these changes affect the quality of the image itself? I understand that when the image is enlarged, the quality will deteriorate in any case, but what will happen when the size of the image cache is reduced? Sorry, it's just the first time I've come across a service that allows you to reduce the size of something. Usually, to reduce the size of images or files, I used archives and pdf documents, but apparently this is in the past since there are such services. By the way, have you ever encountered chromatic aberration effect? I recently found out that half of my photos have a similar effect, but I don't know how to remove it.