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Would satan value loyalty?

We started this discussion on the chat and I would like to ask it here, the question being:
Would satan value loyalty?

Re: Would satan value loyalty?

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Good question. Unfortunately, Satan does not value answers.

Re: Would satan value loyalty?

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IMHO...satan doesn't value loyalty.  satan values self and not any collective.  satan sees the collective as a means for personal gain.  satan is the ultimate narcissist...which fortunately leads to implosion.

Re: Would satan value loyalty?

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Satan would value it so long as he's getting something out of it, there will be no return favors from him.


Re: Would satan value loyalty?

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better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

also 1 sin, 1 million sins, your going to hell anyway. Be a Legend.

And Satan's only slight that got him thrown from Heaven, is that he refused to worship humans.

He is the one that gave us knowledge. The even were smart enough after be able to hide from God in the Eden.