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Brave or Chrome

What's the best Brave or Chrome, I sort of know the answer but I don't get along with the sync method on Brave.

Re: Brave or Chrome

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Wow, I haven't even heard of them 2?

It was mainly because of ublock plugin, and other plugins with compatibility but saying that plugins are spyware too I'm thinking ;)

I shall deffo check out the links you put,
Many thanks

Re: Brave or Chrome

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O I love that LibreFox I'm using it now its got its own Ublock inbuilt and love my block lists ;)
Many thanks

Re: Brave or Chrome

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I guess its technically called LibreWolf, my bad. Either way LibreWolf or UnGoogled Chromium would be better than Google Chrome. Even Brave is better than plain ole Google chrome. Its tough but you should try to get Google and big tech out of your life. It can be difficult. The hardest for me is getting rid of YouTube, but stuff like or act as front ends for YouTube. Meaning you get all the same videos but in a much more lightweight and private interface. The big tech companies gathering data on us all is bad news.