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Jitsi self Hosting and customisation

Hi, I am self-hosting Jitsi Meet and I am trying to fork it so I can add some ideas to make the chatrooms more secure.

I would like to put a timer on kicking people out the room, say like once kicked you can not come back in for 30 mins
Also the ban method.
I would be using auth2ban for this but I am having so much trouble finding out a way of finding the IP to the user in the room.
I think only settings and profile are maybe good ways to link the user in the room but I'm still learning their code.
If anyone has any cool ideas or knows how to get the IP from the user in the Jitsi Chat room, give me a shout.
Side note: I have a passion for keeping kids safe online and the stories I found out on Jitsi classrooms are very bad so I am trying to make better methods
I would be so grateful for any help from people who know how to fork Jitsi and so on.
Many thanks and I hope you are all well ;)