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Fund Elon Musk to Nuke Mars?

I'm not sure what kind of news this is, if it qualifies as world news?
But you can buy 'Nuke Mars' T-Shirts.
I hope the profits will be used to buy nukes, but those are expensive so buy up people!

If a man asks you money to nuke an uninhabitable planet to make it habitable, how much would you give him would you do it?

Buy T-Shirt:
Nuke Mars tweet:

Also a poll, would you like us to nuke mars?

To continue discussion:
Are there any  scientists here that know enough science to debunk that this is possible? (making mars habitable via nuclear warheads)
I've read you could heat up the planet BUT you have nothing to shield it from solar winds and all that horrible stuff, so it wouldn't last very long.