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Remote Software Jobs with a 4 Day Work Week

Remote Software Jobs with a 4 Day Work Week

1. Do these jobs pay less?
You'll be working ~80% hours of a full-time contract, so some companies will pay ~80% of a full-time salary - for other companies there is little / no difference. Ultimately, you can decide for yourself if you think these positions pay less. Even if they do, you'll pay less tax meaning your effective hourly salary will increase

2. Am I still entitled to paid vacation / pension etc?
This varies from company to company but in the majority case, the terms of these positions are exactly the same as any "normal" full time job so you can expect to receive the benefits you'd usually receive e.g. paid vacation, 401(k) etc.

3. How many hours per week are these jobs for?
All job listings are capped at a maximum of 32 hours per week.

4. Should I mention I'd like to work 4 days in my application?
Each job listing is categorised as "open to 4 days" and "advertised as 4 days". If the listing is only "open to 4 days" you should mention that you are interested in being employed on a 4 day contract in your application. Either way, it's good to be clear from the start; there is no harm mentioning what job schedule you are looking for in the application.

5. Am I lazy if I only work 4 days per week?
Definitely not. When Microsoft Japan tested a four-day work week, productivity jumped by 40%; so as the saying goes, you're "working smarter, not harder".