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Re: Thoughts on Nootropics?

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I think our current stance against them is good until there is more research.

Re: Thoughts on Nootropics?

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"our current stance"

Who is our? The members of WebOasis? The scientific community?

Re: Thoughts on Nootropics?

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No, the laws  is our stance. (Speaking about hard and unsafe nootropics always)

Re: Thoughts on Nootropics?

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Modafinil seems to be the one that most people would agree on its benefits however your body develops a tolerance to it quickly and its effects diminish if you use it every day.

Re: Nootropics

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I personally have had great experience with Modafinil, both ModAlert and Modvigil variants.

Usually dose 200mg in the morning when I know I have a busy day. Peak 1-2 hours after ingestion and stays on well for 6-8 hours. Important to have something to do as this isn't a good stimulant in the sense of non-nootropics. Really good for boring or methodical work.

Personally it doesn't make social experience with other humans better.