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Google - The Monster That Needs To Be Destroyed

Google & YouTube have violated the public trust by lying to official representatives about their company wide censorship and political bias. They continue to lie to their users and content creators. They are involved in ongoing election meddling in the United States and several other countries. Google needs to be cut off from corporate welfare and they should not have special immunity under section 230 of the communications decency act. It's time to break up Google and recognize the danger they pose to countries that value truth, trust and freedom of speech.

Re: Google - The Monster That Needs To Be Destroyed

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I agree with you on Google needing to be finished. It's an evil corporation that has its tendrils buried in too many things.
You could argue that their business model which charges you money for using their products and tries to force you away from competitors is just a natural part of this material and capitalist society but that shouldn't be an excuse for blatent spying on people, stealing and selling personal data, sabotaging competition with wall gardens.
It's not just Google but corporations in general have way too much control and unrivaled freedom to do whatever they want without negative repercussions for their actions as long as they play along with the government.
Im glad this topic is getting a lot more coverage which is most likely due to how blatant Google are being to the point they removed their company policy of "Don't be Evil."

Re: Google - The Monster That Needs To Be Destroyed

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Not just Google ? Facebook,Twitter,etc and all the Main Stream Media. Evil sits at the top of everything right now,but those at the top will be dealt with. It's just a matter of time. Trust the plan!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to this site(
Read about the payseur family They own it all for now! They are all going to hell .Their freedom is about to end. We're taking back our
Country, Patriots are in control!!!!!!!!!! Listen Q and Qanon are about a movement that's real. Trump was selected by the Military to lead the way into the swamp to find the plug and pull it and let all the crap flow to Hell. The Military and The Patriots are securing it all.
  Listen I could go on and on about Q and the movement. It's all being done for the people of The World to live life as it was meant to be! Free, God Bless  MAGA!!!!!!!! No more being  slaves  !!!!!!!!!!!! I have waited my whole life for this to happen.I am so blessed to be a part of it....