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iMac Tweaking Performance.

Hiya all hows is it going on my favourite site ;)

I use to be into all this tweaking windows XP and 7 back in the day but I can't be bothered now lol

I am well into I.T security and I know all about the spying that goes on with windows and Apple and so on.
It has always been easy to tweak windows to a very Lite version but I have always wanted to do it to my iMac because you're forced to upgrade just like windows but its a lot worse because each version has more crap on it and your old software won't work on the new upgrade of OS for Mac so it slows down like mad even when you upgrade the RAM plus SSD.

I'm one of the guys that block's all Windows and Apple connections with my router/Hosts file using big lists from sites like and have done for the start.
But on a Mac, there must be a way to stop the background services as you would in Windows.
Such as Icloud, notes, iTunes, and so much more that are always trying to connect to apple, synchronize = spying to me ;)

I thought about it for a bit and I would love to get a list of commands to tweak my iMac every time it Upgrades to a new OS as you would with Windows 7, 10, 11.

It is great blocking all the connections But the OS is still working away trying to connect so I was thinking about what services to disable, for example iCloud. I know that just logging out does not stop the I iCloud crap from going on in the background.

Soes does anyone know of any projects out there for iMac tweaking safely as they do for Windows?
I know all the software for iMac for cleaning it but I am thinking of disabling the background rubbish that slows the OS down and hence stops connections at the same time.

Trust me I have used all the software there is for Mac but it is all about cleaning Cashe and I want to have a good list of commands to stop services that slow down the Mac.
BTW I do use Little snitch ;)

Any great tips will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and hope you are all well ;)


Re: iMac Tweaking Performance.

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Thank you ill look into that ;)