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Rocket.Chat topic

Hiya, I am just starting to set up a new self-hosted rocket chat system on 4 Gig of Ram, I would upgrade if If people used it but this is just another one of my projects.
A little bit about me.
Since 2000 I have always been into I.T security, long story short I was a black hat that turns white and I have watched the great invention of the internet slowly turn into chaos.
Most of my past chat clients have been to help people with mental health, dating, tech, and freedom of speech now. Just trying to have fun and do it the right way.
I think the perfect way to chat is WebRTC as your face to face and there is no way for paedophiles, fake profiles, bullying and lying.
My favourite saying is you can not express yourself with just text alone, and now we are getting into the years where it's possible to video chat more and more, so I thought ok let's try the so-called best one, plus I'm using Cloudron.

I had an idea because I do not want to do the old school email verification and I thought about using that Doom captcha code as a way around all this email stuff as it will use a lot of resources to so id love to cut out the email way of having an account and make it easier for people to make an account without all the tricky account creating methods because people could be put off with just the same old method.

I know by doing this I could have problems with spam so it would have to be a smart method but everyone loves that Doom Captcha code so I was thinking of using it maybe somewhere in the account making or is it too risky??
Can I forget emails and just use cell phones or log in with just, apple, google. and so on?
I have never used the rocket.Chat app because it's called and I can't rebrand that so I want a web-based service only.

My project is only for the UK and local area so I am not expecting anything like this forum a master peace I must say ;)

I am not using any protection as in DDoS or spam, I was just thinking of blocking most countries and maybe auth2ban.

But Yes any thoughts or great ideas? I don't want emails filling up my databases and using more resources it's so old school lol

On my last chat client, I copied bitcoin and used 4 words to get your password back, that worked great but this is

Anyway, there it is also, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all on this great Weboasis ;)


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Also, I do have some more domain names to use if that's any good.